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Learn how your gifts are transforming lives and Restoring Hope........

Story of Rangamma

To you $11 may be a cup of coffee or a simple breakfast but to Rangamma it is a hope that changed her life. Rangamma is elderly lady in the village. She led a decent life in the village while her husnab works in the farm land produces income to support the family. Unfortunately covid took  all of her family including children and husband. She has no one to look after her. She struggles to survive to make $3 a day.


When our HOPE team member recognized her need and we gifted her with two beautiful chickens. She is so grateful and started explaining her little business plan to sell eggs and make income to survive. She said her dream came true after lot of prayers.  

Imagine the Impact....Now she is a instrument of hope to others.

She says "I sell eggs and speak about Jesus". 

Story of Sarangi

Sarangi was a house wife her husband was a fisher man. Together they have two beautiful children. She never worked neither known how out side world works. Unfortunately covid took her husband two years ago. There were few family members helped few month but as the time passed everyone felt her and her children as a burden. In the society being widow she was looked down and given no opportunities. As she was struggling to take care of her children and pay the their expenses she was worn out and lost hope in life.


She saw her last option as to kill herself and her kids so that they won't become burden for other people. As she was preparing for her death she happened to meet with HOPE missionary who encouraged her and prayed for her.

Missionary pastor happened to recognize what happed to her and requested HOPE to intervene. Within a week we are able to buy her a brand new sewing mission and also with provided sewing machine training. She thanked us with tears and let us what to means to her and her family. Now she is leading business women in the village who creates creative designs for women clothing. Now she shares the gospel along with her life story with customers. 

Now she is not only supporting her family but also encouraging and teaching other widows about sewing machine and giving them hope.

Hope is Contagious.

Your small gift can make huge impact. Today you can give hope to some one...

Story of Laxmi - Hope Restoration


When you walk into Laxmi's back yard this Christmas, you’ll hear the sound of a loudly bleating goat. For Laxmi and her family, it’s the most wonderful sound they’ve ever heard because it means hope.

Life used to be comfortable for Laxmi and her husband, Raja. He made good wages working as a carpenter, and Laxmi stayed at home with their two sons and daughter. But everything changed when a unfortunate accident suddenly took Raju's life.


Now, as a jobless widow, Laxmi had to provide for her young children all alone. She worked hard to farm her land, but she struggled to put food on the table. She couldn’t pay her kids’ school expenses or buy the clothes they needed.


“I was so discouraged. There was no one to help me—not from my family or my husband’s. There was no one to comfort us. To be alone and responsible for my children was a big challenge. I didn’t know how I would be able to feed them and send them to school.” - Laxmi


Laxmi wasn’t really alone. She knew Jesus, and her HOPE pastor and fellow church members often visited to comfort her and her children.


Seeing her need, the HOPE bought two pregnant goat and gifted it to Laxmi. Hope once again blossomed in the overburdened mother’s heart: God was taking care of her. With this goat and its future kids, Laxmi will start a business. She plans to sell some of the kids for income, raise a herd of nanny goats and use the goat droppings to fertilize her crops.


Because I have these goats, I am able to move further in life,” Laxmi continued. “I have a hope that I will be able to multiply this goat, and through it, I will be able to provide my children’s needs.”


Generous friends like you help our missionaries share Christ’s love through these life-changing gifts to people in desperate need of help. It might surprise you to know just how much a goat can do for a struggling family in this part of the world!


Just $15 can supply one pair of chickens, $170 can provide one pair of goats or $198 can provide a brand new sewing machine. And these are just a few of the life-transforming gifts you can give this Christmas.


Today, I’d like to invite you to browse through our Hope Gift Catalog. It’s filled with gifts that will make a very real difference in the lives of suffering families—like income-generating animals.


Other gifts like Jesus wells, sewing machines, bicycles, and the Holy Scriptures help to break the cycle of poverty and show Christ’s love to impoverished families in the areas we serve. One gift can have a far-reaching impact, touching families and rippling out to transform entire villages.


Imagine the difference we can make together!


Just last year, friends like you partnered with us to provide over 12,340 life-changing gifts to poor and desperate families in developing nations. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to partner with you again this year!


Please know that your gift will mean the world to the family and community that receives them. For many, this will be the first time they see the love of God on display!


Would you consider giving a gift to a suffering family?


You can see Gift catalog as you pray about what to give. I am confident you will be blessed by giving these Christ-inspired gifts … as will people like Laxmi.


“I felt so happy when I received the goat. I have hope that I will be able to provide for my children’s needs. I am encouraged to go near the Lord because I know He will give me help and hope.” - Laxmi

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