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Support a Native Missionary

In India alone, it is recorded that an average of 22,500 people die every day. And with only 2.3% of India's population being Christ-followers, most will die without ever hearing the Good News. We can make a choice today that will forever change the fate of those who have yet to hear. One way HOPE makes this possible is by handpicking native believers and providing support and ministry training, so the love of Christ may be brought to their own cultural groups. As a result of HOPE support, hundreds of new fellowships have begun.

The Importance of Native Missionaries

Familiar With The People

 In the eyes of the local people, native missionaries do not represent a foreign country or a strange religion because these men and women look and talk the same as they do. Native Christians grow up knowing their country’s culture and instinctively know the best ways to communicate the love of Jesus so people around them will understand. They’re sensitive to the needs of their neighbors and seek to represent Christ in their lives—showing that even though they are just like them, there’s a stark difference because of the hope they have in Jesus.

Availability And Accessibility

Native workers minister in a variety of places, from slums to rural villages to cities. Wherever they are sent to serve, the Lord shows them specific ways they can tangibly express His love and concern for the people. Sometimes that’s by providing Jesus Wells to communities that have no clean water source. Other times that’s by providing income-generating gifts to families sinking in poverty. Native missionaries want to help their fellow countrymen in need both spiritually and physically, and the Lord often uses these means of expressing His love to offer people a better eternity.


Costs Of Service 

Native missionaries live simply. They dwell in homes just like the homes of the local people. They eat the same food. They dress in local styles. Most are able to live off $100 a month.

Like Christ humbled Himself and became one with the people around Him, these men and women do the same, seeking to glorify Him through their lives.


Daily Fellowships

 Native missionaries establish fellowships every day in India. Through their labor and love, we are seeing multitudes experience new life in Christ every year! But none of this has come easily to our brothers and sisters. These native missionaries are paying a high price of suffering, hardship, and intense persecution to see people come to know God. The fellowships established in each culture are truly indigenous in character and they have a goal of becoming self-supporting as soon as possible.

By sponsoring a Native Missionary, you will:

1. Make it possible for people who have never heard about Jesus to hear how much He loves them.

2. Enable men and women to minister in areas that may be restricted or closed to Western missions.

3. Serve the people of Asia by providing native workers with the resources they need to show Christ’s love to those around them.

4. Each native worker is a man or woman who already lives in India. In preparation for ministry, they go through nine months of intensive ministry training.


The following advantages make them ideal to minister to their own regions:

1. They move freely in areas restricted to outsiders and are usually accepted in the communities.

2. They know the cultural taboos instinctively.

3. They have already mastered the language or can easily learn a related dialect.

4. They live in the community, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, and sharing the same cultural interests as the local people.

5. They have a passion and burden to serve their own people.

It only takes $100 a month to help enable native missionaries to serve full-time and bring hope that can only be found in Christ to villages needing it.

Potential Tools to spread the Gospel : 

The below-mentioned tools are very effective in sharing the gospel in the villages and reaching out to more rural villages.

1. Hand Mikes: Hand mikes are very effective in reaching out to people who are far away. Especially as native missionaries are sharing the gospel in rice fields, fishing lakes, workspaces, and outdoors, oftentimes it is hard to reach out with their voice. Not many people are able to hear them and understand what they are talking about. These hand mikes will help missionaries to reach out more people with good news. As most of our native missionaries are sharing good news outdoors, these hand mikes can powerful tool to reach many. 

2. Motor Bikes: Motorbikes are powerful tools to carry the gospel to many villages. As missionaries travel to several villages to pray for the sick and encourage the body of Christ motorbikes are very helpful for traveling quickly and safely even where there are no roads. Motorbikes also enable missionaries to travel to at least many villages as per the need. 

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