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Help Individuals to Experience God’s Love by your Gift

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How does your gift helps us to share the gospel?

We all know that gifts always bring Joy. What if that gift could be life changing for an individual or family or community..? Yes!! All of our gifts are life changing. Some gifts help individuals to start their own business, some will help to provide clean and fresh drinking water for next 15 years, some will help receive Holy Bibles and etc.


While helping people with these essential gifts, we have the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel with the gift has far more impact and could be life changing.  

 Gift Catalog

Help a child to experience the Love of God 

We work with orphans and slum children whom we consider gift from God. We provide clothing, food, medication, education and al the necessary needs. It costs only $40 to help a child per month. You sponsorship will change his/her life for eternity. would you consider changing a life a little child today??. Learn More

Help Native Missionary family to celebrate Christmas 

These missionary families gave up so much to preach the gospel and to serve the community to share the God's love. They live very difficult lives not know when persecution is going come. They are willing to die for the sake of the gospel. It cost only $100 to help missionary family per month. Would you consider helping a native Missionary family who is dedicated to preach the gospel??. Learn More

Help a widow to experience the love of Christ 

In Asian culture, many widows are seen as a curse and may even be shunned from society. Depending on the circumstances, they’re often ignored by even their close relatives. Experiencing love as a widow is difficult but You gift can help them experience the Christ's love. Learn More

Your $2 can make difference. You help some one with meal as little as $2

You can help 10 community meals with $20. Each meal cost only $2. This program helps us to feed hungry and share the love of Christ

Community Festival: We organize community meetings in different villages and invite entire villagers to  participate in the meetings where we share the gospel. We provide meals for everyone, who attends the meetings. regularly we have 300 - 500 people attend the meetings. To feed 500 people it costs $1000. Over 250 people have been saved through community meetings in the past year. 

 Pair of Goats: $450 per pair

Goats have the ability to rapidly improve a family's financial situation. For example, a goat farm may be created from the offspring of one pair of goats, providing meat and milk for sale. Learn More

 Water Buffalo: $520 each

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk for drinking or selling, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking. Learn More

Water Well - $1200

Providing fresh water well is like saying we love you so much for many.Thousends of villagers have to walk miles to get a pot water from rivers or streams. Often people get sick and die due to drinking polluted water. This Christmas you or your family or your church can donate a clean drinking water well to entire villagers to experience the God's love through your generosity. Learn More

Sewing Machine - $210

Sewing machine is an instrument of hope that helps women to produce passive income. Along with sewing machines we also provide sewing machine operation training, which helps them to be create new designs for their customers and grow their business to support their families. 

20 Holy Scriptures (Holy Bible) - $100

There millions of people waiting to receive the Holy Scriptures. The scriptures have not translates in to some of the languages that does not have written language. For them we provide recordings and train native missionaries to send to their own community to share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

"Those who are gracious to the poor lend to the Lord, and the Lord will fully repay them." Pro 19:17

Thousands of lives have been transformed through your generosity : T.A.Paul

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