Help Children Experience God’s Love This Christmas

There’s nothing quite like Christmas to bring out the kid in everyone! Holiday cards, toys, gift giving and receiving, and hoping for that perfect gift from someone special. The Christmas season is the most unique and special time of year!

But for millions of children all over the world who face hunger, lack of clean water, homelessness and poverty on a daily basis, the holiday season is a completely foreign idea. Many children in countries such as India continue to feel the economic, physical and emotional impacts of COVID-19 almost 3 years later.

How does gifts Impact?

These children don’t put up Christmas trees or decorations, sing carols, stay up late listening for sleigh bells, or wake up early to unwrap Christmas presents with their families. Too many feel unloved and forgotten and may never know the true hope and joy that Christmas promises. Hope For The World International sponsors many of these orphan and slum children. All year round they are provided housing, education, clothing, food, etc. But at Christmas time HOPE provides each child with new clothing and gift boxes filled with toys, sweets and hygiene products. Yet HOPE also teaches these children the reason why they are given these gifts. That there is a God who created them, knows them by name and loves them more than anyone on earth!


How does your gift helps us to share the gospel?

And with the help of our native missionaries, Hope For The World International hosts a Christmas Festival for villages all over the states of Telangana and Andra Pradesh. Individuals and their families have the opportunity to gather for a grand meal and hear the truth behind the Christmas holiday. And also the sacrifice that Jesus Christ our Lord suffered for us. Many come to know Jesus as their personal Savior at these festivals. And what a special spiritual birthday to have!

HOPE does not stop there, but yearns to also give back to the local missionaries who sacrifice so much of their time and lives speaking God's truth all over India. HOPE provides new clothing and money to be used to celebrate Christmas with their own families. 

We believe that every child and adult deserves to receive Christmas gifts and the true gift Christ brings with the holiday. Thanks to donations from people like you to the Christmas Gift Fund, HOPE commits to giving every person in our program the chance to feel special on Christmas Day. The generosity to give back and bless others from the abundance the Lord has given you helps to make every Christmas feel special to the people in India.

Christmas Catalog 

You Can Make This an Unforgettable Christmas for a Child in Poverty 


Christmas Gift Catalog

Help a child to experience the Love of God 

Imagine the joy on a child’s face when he or she receives Christmas gift for the first time ever and realizes that God really sees and cares about him or her! Because in the midst of the backpacks, toys and shoes, the truth of Jesus’ love resonates in a special way at Christmas time not only for the recipients, but for their loved ones as well. The blessing has a ripple effect that extends into the community as the child’s family shares what God has done for them. with $20 you can help a child to experience God's love. Learn More

Help Native Missionary family to celebrate Christmas 

These missionary families gave up so much to preach the gospel and to serve the community to share the God's love. We believe they deserve to celebrate the Christmas with their families. Learn More

Help a widow to experience the love of Christ 

In Asian culture, many widows are seen as a curse and may even be shunned from society. Depending on the circumstances, they’re often ignored by even their close relatives. Experiencing love as a widow is difficult but You gift can help them experience the Christ's love. Learn More

Your $2 can make difference. You help some one with meal as little as $2

You can help 10 community meals with $20. Each meal cost only $2. This program helps us to feed hungry and share the love of christ

Community Festival: We organize community meetings in different villages and invite entire villagers to  participate in the meetings where we share the gospel. We provide meals for everyone, who attends the meetings. regularly we have 300 - 500 people attend the meetings. To feed 500 people it costs $1000. Over 250 people have been saved through community meetings in the past year. 

 Pair of Goats: $300 per pair

Goats have the ability to rapidly improve a family's financial situation. For example, a goat farm may be created from the offspring of one pair of goats, providing meat and milk for sale. Learn More

 Water Buffalo: $480 each

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk for drinking or selling, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking. Learn More

Water Well - $1200

Providing fresh water well is like saying we love you so much for many.Thousends of villagers have to walk miles to get a pot water from rivers or streams. Often people get sick and die due to drinking polluted water. This Christmas you or your family or your church can donate a clean drinking water well to entire villagers to experience the God's love through your generosity. Learn More

"Those who are gracious to the poor lend to the Lord, and the Lord will fully repay them." Pro 19:17

Thousands of lives have been transformed through your generosity n : T.A.Paul