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In India, over 75% of the healthcare infrastructure is concentrated in metro cities, where only 27% of the total population resides—the rest 73% of the Indian population lack even basic healthcare facilities. There are still many rural villages who do not have basic medical care available. Many people who live close to medical care are unable to afford expensive healthcare treatments. A healthcare team that includes two doctors, nurses, an assistant, and a driver, along with a medically equipped bus, can travel and assist people with healthcare aid. 

Physical & Spiritual Healing: Preaching the gospel publicly is still illegal in India. We strongly believe that a healthcare clinic is a bridge where people can receive care for their needs. And not only will we provide quality medical care, we also share the love and compassion of God, something an individual may have never experienced before. Delivering medical care for all casts of people allows us to share in their pain and it gives us an opportunity to comfort them. It is going to be a place where HOPE will witness not only physical but also spiritual healing. 

Of course, our services are free of cost. It is only free for the people, not for us. Hospitally equipped buses must be maintained and salaries paid to doctors, nurses, assistants, drivers, and all the medication we give patients. 

How much does it cost?

In every medical camp, we provide healthcare assistance for 250 - 280 people. There are 8 different tests we run on every individual, such as blood pressure, mammography, diabetes, blood sugar, a standard physical examination, cancer screening, and so on. Upon assessing their condition, the doctor would provide the necessary medication or determine if any further treatment is necessary, and they would be referred to a medical clinic. 

The cost of each medical camp is $7500. 

We appreciate your prayers and support to transform lives for the glory of the Lord. 

Medical clinic: 

We earnestly seek the Lord's guidance and support in establishing a 50-bed general hospital. Our vision is to provide essential medical care to the underprivileged and those in need, all while spreading the message of the gospel. Currently, we are fervently praying for the means to acquire a piece of land, an investment totaling $300,000. Your prayers and contributions towards this endeavor are greatly valued, as this project has the potential to positively impact thousands of lives and further the spread of the gospel.

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