Project : Building a Medical Clinic

India has the 2nd largest population in the world with almost 1.4 billion people and providing appropriate healthcare has been a constant country-wide issue. Since the beginning of Covid-19, the majority of hospitals have increased their fees due to the high demand of doctors and hospital admittance. Currently, healthcare services are one of the largest revenue-producing industries in India. Aside from increased costs, a majority of the population is not able to pay for medical care at all. According to government statistics, 75% of the population are living in rural villages. These being the majority who cannot even afford medication and usually end up losing their lives to preventable diseases and injuries. Over the past 3 years Hope For The World International has seen hundreds of people die in local communities from Covid-19 and many still getting sick. Many of our friends and native missionary brothers and sisters have lost their lives due to medical emergencies that were not able to seek professional care. As HOPE has been praying we believe that the Lord has opened our hearts to see the need for a medical clinic outside of Bhadrachalam, India!

Physical & Spiritual Healing

Preaching the Gospel publicly still remains illegal in India. We firmly believe that a medical clinic is a bridge where people come to us for their needs. And not only provide quality medical care, we will be sharing the love and compassion of God, something an individual may have never experienced before. Delivering medical care for all casts of people allows us to share in their pain and it gives us an opportunity to comfort them. It is going to be a place where HOPE will be witnessing not only physical but also spiritual healing. 


Where Are We Now?

We are sincerely praying and trusting the Lord to start with a 10 bed medical clinic and slowly grow to a 100 bed hospital. We are discussing our plans with civil engineers & architectural companies for beginning construction.  Kindly pray and see how God allows you to be a blessing to the people of India in our new upcoming ministry! 

Currently, we are raising funds to acquire the land and the required certification and government permission! 

To know more about the plans, prices and cost estimation, kindly email us at:

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