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Provide Clean Water For An Entire Village

Jesus Water Wells Are Bringing Water and Redemption

Finding a clean source of water that will not cause death or illness is a challenge many people face in Asia.

Many women and children are forced to walk hours and miles each day to distant water sources, such as ponds or lakes, and even then the water may be contaminated. Sometimes they know this may bring death and sickness to their families, but they have no other choice.

HOPE's clean water ministry is delivering safe, disease-free water to families across India through 'Jesus Wells'. Each Jesus Well provides clean drinking water, supplying approximately 300 people at a cost of less than $5 per person for up to two decades.

The water is freely offered to all, regardless of their religious or social backgrounds. Providing safe water is a practical way to provide for individuals' physical needs, and open the door for people to see the love and mercy of Christ.

In the year 2024, Our goal is to drill 100 water wells to provide FRESH and CLEAN water to more than 30,000 people. Join your hands with us as we strive to end the Freshwater crises.  

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