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Hope For The World International was founded by Anand Paul Tangellapalli (T.A.Paul) and his family. At 18 years of age, the young Anand Paul was as far as one could be from God. His guilt had pushed him to suicide, but at the last moment, he had a powerful encounter with God. An unknown individual conversed with Anand Paul explaining the scriptures from the Holy Bible.


Expressing the purpose of his life and existence on the earth. He spoke to him "Son You are born for a great purpose". After 6 hours it was evening and Paul found the individual had left him at his door and disappeared. Paul was shocked and confused and continued to think about the man and all of their conversations. Was this God or some kind of Spirit?  He soon realized it surely must be God and knelt down at his door, and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. 

Founder_ T.A. Paul

Brother. T.A. Paul

             After his encounter with God, his life gradually began to change. Anand Paul completely surrendered his life to God and went to obtain his degrees in theological studies. After completion of his Bachelor's of Theology, he began to serve the Lord with his family, as his family is already in the ministry serving India's people for 28 years.

Anand Paul has never said no or denied the cries of those in need. Through fervent prayer, donations and following the Lord's direction, Hope For The World International was created. Currently, Anand Paul is leading HOPE in being God's helping hand to provide daily resources and God's salvation to South East Asia.

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