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Manipur Crises 

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The region of Manipur India has become a battleground where a conflict, which initially spanned three months, has now escalated into a near civil war between two distinct religious communities. The deep religious divide has led to a distressing situation where believers are being coerced to abandon their faith in Jesus. Faced with imminent danger, many are fleeing their homes in search of safety.


Tragically, the toll of this crisis includes the loss of 130 lives, with a staggering 60,000 individuals, including men, women, and vulnerable children, left displaced. Adding to the devastation, more than 250 places of worship, among them 65 of our own, have been subjected to vandalism and destruction.

In light of these dire circumstances, we have initiated emergency relief efforts to provide assistance to the victims, irrespective of their social status, beliefs, or faith. As we navigate through this critical juncture, we earnestly appeal for your partnership in extending a helping hand to those who are undergoing immense suffering.

Can we count on your support to aid us in furnishing essential relief, such as nourishing sustenance and vital supplies, to those caught in the midst of this turmoil? A modest contribution of $25 can ensure a food packet that sustains an entire family, while $50 has the potential to provide sustenance for two families.

Your generosity in this time of utmost need can serve as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the aftermath of violence and displacement. Together, we can alleviate the suffering of the affected families and begin the process of rebuilding lives torn apart by this devastating conflict.

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manipur violence
Manipur violence
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manipur violence
Manipur violence

Current prayer Requests

  • Please pray for an immediate end to the violence and ask for wisdom for the authorities working to bring back peace.

  • Kindly remember to pray for safety and support for pastors, missionaries, and believers during this challenging time.

  • Take a moment to pray for the families seeking refuge in camps; imagine their hardships and ask for God's help for these fellow brothers and sisters.

  • Pray for the believers to have courage and to remain strong in their faith despite the difficulties they face.

  • Offer prayers of comfort for the victims and those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

  • Pray for those causing harm to have a personal encounter with Christ and experience a change of heart.​​

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