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Care for Orphans and poor children

Many communities in India have toiled hard for generations simply to survive. Some men and women haven’t had the privilege of pursuing an education themselves, and they are helpless to give one to their children.

But God loves these children deeply, and He is working in part through HOPE to give them a chance for a better future.

HTWI is currently helping orphans & poor children by providing shelter, food, clothing, education, and medicine. This avenue of community service makes an incredible difference. Many are given opportunities and in turn, brighter futures they never would've experienced without the organization. And more importantly, these children are shown the never-ending love of Jesus. Please be in constant prayer as we prepare our future leaders of the faith.

Sponsor a Child: You can make an incredible difference in the lives of children through HTWI. For each $50 monthly pledge you make, you’ll receive the photo and personal information of a child you can pray for, write letters to, and build a relationship with. By God’s grace, your sponsorship can impact the rest of their lives. Through you, the child you sponsor will have the opportunity to experience and accept Jesus and be everything they were meant to be!

What do children Receive? 

Quality education: Learning to read and write is the key to a future of hope for your child.


A daily meal: At the Hope development center, your child will receive a healthy, balanced meals.


Medical care: Periodic checkups are supplemented by teaching children habits of good hygiene.

What Children Experience at HOPE Child care centers:

Through the weekly activities at Hope child development centers, children:

  • Get tutoring to help them not just pass but even excel in their studies.

  • Learn cultural songs and dances.

  • Are taught general information about the world.

  • Have opportunities to socialize under the kind supervision and encouragement of their teachers.

Special events include:

  • Singing and dancing in public, like at Christmas programs. Students sing carols, act in plays and perform dances for the community.

  • Creating and displaying art and crafts for their annual exhibition or for “Colors of Hope,” an art competition in which students draw or paint a given topic and enter their piece in a program-wide competition.

  • Participating in projects to serve their communities, like during Community Day, when students help clean up and conduct other community services for their village.

  • Playing sports on Sports Day and on other occasions.

The children in some centers also have the opportunity to take field trips to places like post offices, police stations, fire stations, airports, train stations and science exhibitions.

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