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Church Planting

Our ministry's goal is to train native missionary brothers and sisters and send them out, where they can introduce Jesus Christ to their own communities.

Each travels to 6 to 12 villages to preach the gospel and pray for the sick and the needy. Churches are planted and missionaries appoint faithful brothers to look over the church and continue their preaching in other villages.


Native missionaries visit the churches every week and encourage and disciple the locals with the word of God.  HOPE stands with them in prayer, and financial support and provides tools such as hand mikes, bicycles, motorbikes, and constructing actual church buildings. 

Church Buildings Are Crucial

A church building is one of the most powerful tools for the growth of a congregation. It:

  • Presents a consistent, welcoming location for visitors from any background who want to learn about Jesus.

  • Frees believers to worship openly and exuberantly without worrying about disturbing their landlords or neighbors.

  • Protects believers from intense summer heat and rain.

  • Offers a safe haven for those experiencing opposition.

  • Encourages a sense of permanency, credibility, and stability for the congregation in the local community.

  • Becomes a hub for ministry activities.


When you donate toward church buildings, you are investing in a place that will be filled with praise, prayer, and discipleship and display the beauty and wonder of God.


The construction of a church building costs between $10,000  and $25000 depending on size, location, and available materials.

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