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News Letter - November 

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We are hoping that you and your families are doing well. The Christmas season is upon us, a time where we celebrate Christ's birth with our loved ones. This is a special time of year that we at Hope For The World also hold close to our hearts! And in honoring this season, we are currently preparing our own Christmas Festival for the local community. As well as Christmas gifts for the orphan children we sponsor and especially those who serve alongside us in our organization.


Each year beginning in the third week of December, HOPE hosts a Christmas festival in several villages of Telangana and Andra Pradesh. These festivals will usually continue into the month of January. Food is always provided as individuals and their families attend prayer meetings and sermons. HOPE especially views this an advantageous time to speak on Christ's birth and His life leading to the cross. Thousands have the potential to hear Christ's truth and possibly experience His love for the first time!


HOPE also wishes to give thanks in the form of a physical gift to the native missionaries who have given so much in the name of Christ! Our local missionaries are provided clothing and money to be used to spend time celebrating Christmas with their families. They give so much of themselves, we yearn to show our gratitude in return.


The orphans we care for also learn about Christmas and receive a special gift! We provide new clothes, a special meal the week of Christmas and a gift box. Each gift box contains toys, sweets and hygiene products. HOPE wants each child to understand that even though they do not have an earthly parent to give them a gift this season, there is a Heavenly Father who sees them and loves them! The orphans are taught the real reason for the season!


We always first ask for your fervent prayers for HOPE and everything the Lord has called us to do in His name! If you are led to donate, you can do so at:

Each gift box for an orphan is $20. A donation of $30 provides a gift for a native missionary and their family. Each festival costs $1,000 USD. We pray for blessings and safety during this upcoming Christmas season! Access our Christmas catalog


May all things glorify our Father in Heaven!!

Hope For The World International 


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