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Dear Friend In Christ,


Greetings to you in the most exalted name four Lord savior Jesus Christ. We are hoping and trusting that you and your families are doing well.

What We’re Up To

We recently learned that both my grandma and my wife's grandma have cancer. Both my wife and I are shocked and have experienced a difficult time. But God has given us peace to continue to pray for their complete healing. They made a significant impact on our lives by bringing us to Jesus and helping us to develop a relationship with Jesus.


They both underwent surgery. My wife's grandmother is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and my grandmother had surgery yesterday. Doctors removed one side of her breast completely. She is recovering from her wounds. Doctors said that they still had to perform a few more tests to decide if she needed radiation therapy.


One of the biggest challenges is travel. My family has to travel six hours to get her cancer treatment. Driving back and forth takes 12 hours. It can be challenging to travel every week with sick and injured women for 12 hours. It would be greatly appreciated if you could pray for the complete recovery of both of our grandmothers as they are undergoing treatment.


In Christ


Hope For The World International

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