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News Letter - October- 2022

Grace and peace to you in name of our Lord and savior Jesus christ. We are excited to share with you what the Lord is doing in India.

Recent floods devastated many villages, families, and individuals, and they have lost all hope. Our team has been on the ground since then helping families and individuals rebuild their lives by providing them with provisions, house building materials, and medical assistance. We appreciate your prayers and support as we work to rebuild the communities. More than 2300 families have benefited from our assistance so far, and we continue to do so as we receive partnerships with Churches and individuals.

Today you have the opportunity to rebuild a family with only: $45.00

Mission Field: We are excited to share with you that in the past three months we have baptized 48 people and we are discipling many more believe to experience the love of God. Kindly pray for the safety of our missionary brothers as the level of persecution is continue to rising. Kindly pray for the safety of our missionary team as we are preparing to go for personal evangelism during the month of December.  

Orphanages and Nursing Home: By the grace of God children in the orphanage and elderly people in the home are doing well. Kindly pray for some of the urgent needs for orphanages and Nursing home as we are praying to buy major food supplies (Rice). We need 10,000 kilograms of rice per year to feed orphans, slum children and elderly people. We appreciate you prayers for the providence of God.

Widows Ministry: Our volunteers are able to help and be a blessing to help rebuild the houses of 80 widows and provided with Spiritual, medical and financial support. 

Kindly pray for: 

1. The persecuted native missionaries and their families. 

2. The government of India.  

3. Safety of Native missionaries as team is preparing for personal evangelism. 

Urgent physical Needs:

1. Rice for orphanages and Nursing home: 100 quintals which is equal to 10,000 kgs. 

     The cost of 100Kgs of rice approximately is $90 (market price fluctuates)

2. Cooking vessels and Kitchen items to cook for orphans, slum children and for elderly people: $2500

     We buy cooking vessels once every three years. Our cooking vessels will cook 3000 meals every day

3. Hand mikes: 20 mikes each cost $145

 Learn more about how hand mikes are powerful tools in the Ministry

4. Motor bikes: 5 Each cost 1250

 Learn more about how motor bikes are helpful tools to spread the gospel

Kindly let's know if you haven concerns or questions. 


Hope For The world International. 


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Family receiving provisions
Men Receiving the provisions for their families
Villagers are receiving tarps
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