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Developing Communities & Rescuing Families From Poverty

Hope For The World International believes not only in investing in entire communities but even providing for individual families no matter how far. We are giving hope to the families of impoverished villages and attempting to break the cycle of poverty and being an example of Christ.

Millions of families across South Asia are financially poor and often cannot obtain easy access to education, medical care, or even reliable employment. These families have little hope for the future and that pure survival is their only lot in life.

HOPE is already serving in many of these poorer areas, identifying specific needs, and blessing families with items that help them fight the burden of poverty. Contributing to the welfare of these families increases community growth and makes development possible.


More Than Social Work , Gifts That Share Christ

Community development goes far beyond just meeting a community's physical needs. These are tangible examples of Christ's love and more than 2,000 families have embraced the love of Christ as a result.

How Does Community Development work?

  • Pastors and missionaries learn the needs of villagers.

  • Through prayer and planning, our staff determine how to best bless each community and/or family through gift distributions.

  • HOPE-supported missionary or pastor delivers the gifts to families and provides follow up care.

  • People experience changes in livelihood , health and hopefully spiritually. Through these gifts and many choose to be part of a local church.


Animals:  Animals are a main staple and source of income for middle class and poorer families. These include chickens, goats and water buffalo. Offspring from small animals can be sold while larger animals can be used for farm work such as plowing fields or pulling heavy carts. Gifting these animals to a family may seem simple or trivial, but can actually provide income for many days or even years. The organization intends to open people's hearts and minds through their gifts, ultimately representing the humble gift that God gave us with His son Jesus.



1. Water Buffalo: $480 each

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk for drinking or selling, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking.








2. Goats: $300 per pair

Goats have the ability to rapidly improve a family's financial situation. For example, a goat farm may be created from the offspring of one pair of goats, providing meat and milk for sale.






3. Chickens: $12 per pair

A pair chickens has the potential to supplement a family's income. They can eat or sell the nutritious eggs, or hatch the chickens to increase their flock and later have more eggs and chickens to sell.


Other Resources

Sewing machine price: Each $180

Fishing Net: $50-250

Other tools individuals are able to use as a source of income are sewing machines and fishing nets. 


Community Facilities: School per 250 children, including a library: $125,000

Public Community Center: $30,000-$45,0000

Many rural areas do not have access to these types of facilities. HOPE has had the privilege of witnessing how a community's health and wellness have greatly improved with simply the installation of these educational buildings.

Please note: The exact price for each depends upon the area of the building.



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