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Help Flood Victims With Food And Provisions

Millions have been severely affected by unexpected flooding in India and all over Southern Asia. Millions of families have vacated their homes to protect themselves from the surges. Some people fled to mountain areas, or traveled to government shelters. Many HOPE family members and colleagues have left their homes and are in shelters, with many still waiting for help. Villages' homes are typically built of mud and palm leaves, floating away in the high currents. Average farming families have lost everything including houses, beds, farming equipment, and cattle and livestock (their primary source of income). Another immediate impact of the flooding has been property damage to non-functioning infrastructure facilities causing crop destruction. But biggest issue has been loss of life in unknown numbers related to the surges and the deterioration of health conditions due to waterborne diseases.

Ramesh, an elder of a local village has tearfully reported, "I lost my crops, animals and house. I lost everything I had. My wife & I have been starving the past three days, we don't have food to eat and fresh drinking water, and she is about to give birth to a baby. I don't know what to do."

This is just one family's story. There are millions just like Ramesh still waiting for help months after this disaster. We would appreciate your prayers and support during India's recovery.

We are raising $300,000 to help 6699 families to provide general provisions. Initially, the fund will help us meet survivors' immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. To help each family, it takes only $45. This includes: 25 kg of rice, 1 kg of oil, 1 kg of lentils, salt, two blankets and vegetables. This provision kit helps a family for at least 25 - 30 days.

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