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Sacrifices of Native missionaries to Preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

A weeks ago a native missionary family suffered tremendously for fulfilling God's calling to preach to their local village (We may not be able to reveal the name or locations due security reasons). God began to use a local pastor to reach inhabitants within the village where he and his family lived, and so many began to come to faith. As a result the missionary began to receive threats from the religious leaders who stood against Christianity. He was warned to stop praying and preaching, but remained steadfast in his calling to preach to everyone in his village who would listen! Many witnessed this missionary pray for healing and casting out demonic beings.

Religious leaders and elders of the village were displeased and angry and decided to physically harass the missionary and his family. As this family began to travel to a nearby village, they were surrounded by over 30 people. The local pastor and his wife were striped naked and beaten heinously in front of their children. They were warned to leave the village and never return. Hope team members met with them to provide prayer, encouragement and financial support to help with medical costs.


This native missionary and his family have never waivered from their faith in Christ and have only stated: "We are ready to sacrifice our lives, if that's what it takes for our people to understand what Christ has done". This couple and their family are still serving the Lord in the same and surrounding villages, knowing persecution and harassment may come at any time from the local authorities.

HOPE poses this question to every believer: how real is the Gospel to you? What have you had to sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel? What are you willing to sacrifice? It is effortless to believe in Jesus and that our eternity is secured. But as a Christian, what are you doing to share the faith with people who have never heard it before? Or even those who know of Him, but have not accepted. Do our lives consist of just listening and enjoying sermons or are we being transformed to be like Jesus? Every sacrifice that you make to advance God's kingdom is significant! Please continue to confer with the Lord on His personal calling in your lives. From sharing good news with your neighbors, adopting a native missionary family, or coming to fulfill His work personally in foreign lands!

Sharing the Gospel is not as straightforward as one may see or hear from the preachers of the day. In India, it is still illegal to share Christ in any public setting. Many have been injured or even killed! Members of HOPE and our native missionaries are always aware this fate could befall any of us. The Bible continually mentions Christ's sacrifice for us and in John 15:13 that "greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." Fear of harm and death never stops HOPE from reaching India's people. 10 of the 12 disciples were martyred for the faith and HOPE will follow their example!

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship. Romans: 12:1.

"We are praying and asking God for transformation of this village. My wife and I are ready to give our lives for these people to know what Christ has done for them. We love them no matter how much they hurt us or persecute us. We appreciate your prayers and support for my family."

 --HOPE supported Pastor and local missionary--


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How Can I pray and help?

We greatly appreciate your constant prayers for native missionary families and their ministry.We are sincerely praying and trusting the Lord for brothers and sisters who can adopt Native missionary families and support on monthly basis. These native missionary brothers are on fire for God and passionately sharing the good news to their communities. But in order for them to be in the full time ministry and take care of their children and families, they needed finical support. It costs only $100 to support to Native missionary family.

For more information on why is it Important to support native missionaries click here


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